Tips on Cleaning Rust Home Appliances

23 Nov 2015

Rust may appear on objects made of iron or chromium layer. Usually it will appear on the device home furnishings, appliances parasi and much more. This is very disturbing, especially if there are the household appliances, which will make it look dirty. The following is a guide to remove rust on household appliances.

The following tips clean the rust on domestic appliances

do not be confused if your household appliances there are rusty because you can mnghilangkannya with muidah enough that simply using kitchen ingredients are baking soda, salt and a squeeze of lemon juice. For more details see each step below.
1. First you can mix the salt and baking soda powder into the water and lemon juice.
2. then mix well and apply on your kitchen appliances were rusty usually like pots, pans, etc. penggorenga tool.
3. let stand about 15 minutes, then slightly rubbed with coarse cloth. After that, rinse with clean water.
4. see results in the get, rust on your household appliances will be lost.
A very easy and it can practice in your home. If the results can not be directly quickly disappear maybe you can do back to rust disappear completely. So and hopefully useful!

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