This is the reward and Privileges Women Solehah

23 Nov 2015

Anything in this world everything is temporary and privileges that exist in this world is a Muslim woman. Being a Muslim woman actually is not difficult because all that will make ourselves a Muslim woman has been stated in the Quran. Inside the contents of the Quran very clearly mentioned that the woman was indeed very dimulaiakan compared with a man. So from where a Muslim woman or solehah is a dream and become keiistimewaan for those who have it.
Besides Muslim women in the future will have many rewards kyang will they get are as follows:
This is the reward and privileges of women solehah.
• Later God will menjanjika paradise to a Muslim woman.
• Muslim Women always establish prayer five times a day, then the reward they will get is 7 gold metal.
• Women who are constantly using and clothe her hijab would be spared the torment of hell Apoi.
Actually there are many ways to make you a Muslim woman or solehah. But if only you can do all three of the above it then you have included women SOLEKAH. For more good you can be understood better knowledge of Islamic religious teachings well and practiced sincerity premises to obtain the blessing of the divine is God Almighty.

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