This is the benefits of breastfeeding for Children Compared Formula

23 Nov 2015

Having a healthy and intelligent children is a dream for every parent. One thing that can preserve brain health and make intelligent child is breastfed. Did you know vitamins and nutrients in breast milk is better than formula-fed. Besides being able to boost the immune system following are the benefits of breastfeeding for the health of the child.

This is the efficacy of breastfeeding for the health and intelligence of the child

Preventing infection of the intestine

The benefits of breastfeeding the first is to prevent infection of the intestine. As you know the baby’s digestive system is not perfect so that when vulnerable to new substances one of which substances contained in infant formula. By consuming the milk of course it can maintain the health of the baby’s intestines to be more healthy and prevent infection.
Improve children’s intelligence

The second is to increase the intelligence of children. Breast milk can increase the emotional relationship between mother and child so that the child’s brain development is also influential. Breastfeeding also can stimulate children’s intelligence.
Safe from chemicals and germs

The next benefit is the safety of chemicals and germs. ASI hygiene certainly better than formula. It could be a bottle of milk you use is not clean it can certainly make the child drink the milk is contaminated.

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