Paes Bride meaning of Java

23 Nov 2015

Indonesia has a diverse customs and cultures in which each different region. As well as with customary perkawianan, each region has its own Paesan or order. Therefore, at this time I will discuss the meaning of the bride paes Java. The uniqueness that has made many people become curious. The explanation is the following.
Paes meaning Bride Java
Ornament on the forehead of the bride is not merely to beautify, but also has its own meaning which describes a hope and a prayer for the pemelai and his family later in order to better and happier.
Penunggul or Gajahan
Hairdo describe the half circle tip of duck eggs has meaning hope baha woman has degrees and highly respected. With so hopefully the bride and groom are expected to be the perfect family and exalted rank.
Indentations beautify sideburns or called gondheg This means that the bride can be mutually mengentropeksi kediua themselves in the face of all the household affairs in the future.
Chitak or perihasan that berbentik rhombus placed in the middle of the forehead means that the prospective bride terhindri of despicable acts committed by others.
Well that paes significance in Javanese brides. The uniqueness and the finger he had been believed since ancient times that sampaoi still remain in trust especially Javanese people.

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