How to Eliminate Black Spots on Face

23 Nov 2015

Have healthy skin, white and smooth is the dream of every woman. Unfortunately, not every woman has a skin like that. This is because many of the problems that face start over from acne to skin blemishes hitam.Kedua issue is indeed very dominant in natural though many women. Well on this occasion we will discuss how to remove spots menganai Hitan in the face. Eliminating black spots there are many ways you can dilakuklan one of them in a natural way. Adpiun natural ingredients that are often used to eliminate black spots among which papaya, lemon juice, yogurt and many others. Now for more details, then simply note the following review!

Here’s How to remove spots Black In Face

Papaya fruit

Merupaakn papaya fruit that a lot of benefits, in addition to good digestive health. Papaya fruit is also very effective in eliminating the flex black face. This is because the papaya fruit contains vitamin E is beneficial to regenerate new skin.
Aloe Vera and Olive Oil

In addition to papaya, aloe vera and olive oil can also be useful to address the black spots on the face. The way is by smoothing aloe vera and give a few tablespoons of olive oil. Then use as a mask every bedtime.


The latter is a natural ingredient tomato, this is because tomatoes contain vitamin C and E, which serves to make the process of skin regeneration. As for how to use it can be moved at the way in consumption or made in the face mask.

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