Beautiful girl Expensive, Paid 198 Million Per Jepret

19 Nov 2015

Seeing a business opportunity when it is needed. As we know, the Internet can bring untold benefits. With social media now everyone can have an income, this is just how we take advantage of these opportunities. It is like a beautiful girl from New York, United States.
The girl named Danielle Bernstein, he was very fond of distributing photographs of the products in all the social media that he had. Danielle reviewing all sorts of products that she wore, and she also gave the address where she bought the goods. He also volunteered as models in every product it he used.
In his blog he has always posed with the clothes and accessories that she likes. In every pose he is paid by the store products subject to Danielle. Payday obtained is also not half-hearted. Danielle paid around Rp 198 million for each image uploaded to instagram. The fee he acquired over his penchant for writing blog that attracts fans and continue to follow demai article written article Danielle.
He successfully attracted millions of fans because they always write a specific topic and consistent. He considers, writing specifically is the key to attract fans. Additionally, honest in every running project that he chose is important. Especially after the personality to be yourself.

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