Stage Making Wine

9 Nov 2015

Wine is a beverage made from grapes. For some people, enjoying wine is appropriate when there are special moments. To make the necessary stages angat wine complex and detail in order to taste the wine produced more enjoyable. In making wine, there are two categories that need to be considered, namely the production of still wine and sparkling wine production. And science of wine-making diseut with Oenology.
The following stages of manufacture of wine
1. Harvest. The first stage of making wine that is harvested. At this stage chosen wines have levels of acidity, sweet, and taste right. In the process of memanenpun depending on the weather. In order to harvest the results of their quality wines with their own hands tana machine.
2. Destroyer fruit. This stage is where the wine is ready to be destroyed. Currently the destruction of wine using the machine. To produce white wine, the wine will be separated Dair destruction of the skin, seeds, and meat.
3. Fermentation. Fermentation stage lasts for 6-12 hours when the yeast is added. Then continues by giving sugar. Air fermentation will turn into alcohol. To produce a sweet taste, a wine maker will stop this process before changing menajdi sugar alcohol. This stage takes as long as 10 to one month.
4. Purification. After fermentation, the yeast and then begin the process of separation, Tannis and protein. Wine is moved in a vessel such as a stainless steel tank that turns into a clear wine.
5. Aging & packaging. The last stage of making wine has 2 choices, angsung packed in boto or poured. Wine aging process will produce a more subtle flavor.


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