Reasons You Should Go to Liverpool

9 Nov 2015

England is a country that has many magnificent and exotic city. However, some cities are of course Liverpool is a city that is more attractive to visit. Why is that? This is the reason you have to go to Liverpool.
1. Waterfront. This is one of the famous ayng in Liverpool. Waterfront has four parts, namely King Dock, Albert Dock, Pier Head, until Princess Dock. Most of the tourist attractions centered here. In this place you can enjoy an impressive view of the water.
2. Green City. This city is called uga as a green city. this is because there are 43 parks and outdoor play area with different characteristics. You can enjoy the green atmosphere in every park.
3. visual art. Liverpool is famous for the town which has world-class visual quality. Many muesum-museum exhibiting antiques and impressive.
4. Theatre. In addition to the visual arts, the city also has stories of dramatic quality. The stories that you can encounter in diverse theater arts.
5. Event. The city has many events of interest to visit. You will see a spider raksasadi around Dramaga, or a little girl who is looking for his dog and berkkeliaran in town.
6. architectural design. There are six places in this city that has been named as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The building has a neo-classical architecture of the magnificent and beautiful.


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