Most Beautiful Wife Officials in Indonesia

9 Nov 2015

There is an expression that says that under the husband’s success are a great wife in tow. The phrase may be interpreted as a key to the success of a husband is the Sitri. It is as experienced officials and heads of regions in Indonesia. They are able to lead the region and officials can not be separated because the figure of a great wife. In fact not only great, wife-stri also has a beautiful face and dazzling.
Here is the official most beautiful wife in Indonesia
1. Veronica Tan. She is the wife of the Governor of Jakarta, Thahaja Basuki Purnama (Ahok). Besides having a beautiful face, Veronica is also a merempuan independent and able to work hard. In some occasions when accompanying the governor, Veronica looks friendly and charming sanngat with slim physique and oriental face.
2. Atalia Praratya Kamil. Beautiful woman and a wife berhijab Bandung Mayor, Ridwan Kamil. She is the wife of the mayor sala which has a charming face.
3. Aprilia Yustin Ficardo. This beautiful woman is the wife of the Governor of Lampung, Muhammad Ridho Ficardo. In fact, some time ago Lampung Governor’s wife beauty busy discussed on social media. Additionally, Aprilia has also been awarded as one of 70 Women Inspiring Indonesia. This is because Apriliani very active in the national movement of women against cervical cancer.


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