List of Richest People in the World are Not Passed Class

9 Nov 2015

Many people believe that a successful person should go to college. However, such an assumption is not true for everyone. There are some people who become the most successful in the world but failed in education or drop out of school.
Here is a list of the richest people in the world who did not graduate from college
1. Steve Jobs. He is co-founder of Apple Inc., the world’s giant technology companies from the United States. To establish companies such as Apple Inc. is not an easy thing. He did not get his skills from college, he even declared to drop out. But because of his diligence he is now the richest man in the world.
2. Ralph Lauren. Ready who do not know the name of this one? Fashion lovers and fashion must know. Meek Ralph Lasang is a billionaire philanthropist. Currently the wealth reached US $ 6.3 billion. But it was all obtained not because education is high, he actually only spent two years in college. He has a hobby practiced since 1976 which is the forerunner of success.
3. Bill Gates. He is the richest person in the world with a total wealth of $ 1,000 billion. Besides Bill Gates is also a philanthropist and has menymbangkan much wealth. He successfully established the company Microsoft. But you need to know if his success was gained not because the best graduates in college. He decided to get out of Harvard and choose to work.


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