Based on Blood Type Diet Tips

9 Nov 2015

Hear the word diet of course you will be minded that those who have more severe bdan that should do it. Ksempatan dimaksudkna diet at this time is to be done by everyone because it has a good health effect. All you need to know everyone has a different level of kesehetan. That’s because it is influenced by blood type. Well on this occasion we will discuss tips on diet based on blood type dpaat you know.

This is Based on the Blood Type Diet Tips

Blood Type A
The first diet tips are blood type A, for a type of blood golonganm is indeed highly recommended as one of the vegetarian. This is because the blood type A is suitable for mengonsumis vegetables, fruit, nuts dam many others.

Blood Type B
Next is the turn of B blood, for blood type B diet tips should not bterlalu ate meat, beans, wheat and many others. As for the food which is good for consumption are tempeh, tofu and eggs.

Blood Type O
To golongn O blood is suitable to eat foods that many mengadung protein. This is because the blood group O pick stomach acid more than the other blood types.

Blood Type AB
For the latter diet is blood type AB, if you have blood type AB is very important to always guard against the type of food. The type of food that should be avoided are birds, crabs, soda and many others.

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