Bananas for Health Benefits

9 Nov 2015

Bananas are one of the fruits are much liked by everyone. This is because the fruit can be found in any place in the area of Indonesia. Besides bananas also have a very nice feel and legit. Bananas are also known to have a lot of the nutrients that are beneficial for health. include contains folic acid, vitamins, magnesium and iron. So no wonder the banana is very beneficial for health. So what are the benefits of bananas? The following is the explanation!
This is Bananas for Health Benefits
As Energy Source
The first benefit is that bananas can be useful as a source of energy in the body. It in is because bananas contain carbohydrates that very much. besides bananas can also be a healthy alternative foods and filling.
Digestive System launched
If you have any problems with the digestive system, such as constipation or constipation. The problem will be overcome by eating bananas. In this case the content contained in bananas is instrumental in helping the digestive organs to absorb nutrients in food.
Improve Mood
Benefits of Piang the latter is able to function improve mood. This is because bananas contain tryptophan substances that can help improve mood well.

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